Well I meant to start this ages ago but as ever I never got round to it.

For those who don’t know me, I started running in August 2014 when I went to Bournes Sports Breakfast run with my dad (seasoned professional runner 20+ marathons etc – very old school). It was a 3mile route, I ran the first 50 meters and was knackered, I couldn’t make it round and averaged about 20 minute/mile.

Since then, I’ve trimmed down and completed 6x 10k’s (British 10k, CR Winter Run, Salomon Richmond 10k, ABP Southampton 10k, Market Drayton 10k, Vitality London 10,000) and have the Great North Run as my first half marathon in September.

So this is just me updating you on my races, training and the gear I am using.

Right now, I have two pairs of Hoka Clifton which I love, really lightweight but with plenty of support – really needed for a big lad! I tend to run in whatever is comfortable, for now I wear a lot of CanterburyNZ base layers, t-shirts and shorts, not exactly the height of fashion but they do the job!. Probably the biggest thing that has helped me improve my running is my Garmin (Forerunner 225), and I love the stats that come with it, I’m a bit of a geek so I love trawling through the stats and seeing where I can improve or just wherever I did well.

A couple of months ago, when I got entry to the GNR I began searching for a training programme to get me to half marathon. Decided to try the my.asics plan. It works really well for me as you can move runs to fit your schedule and the guidance pace is achievable. I have been following it, almost religiously, I’ll post a few of the stats and example when I’ve figured out how to use this thing, but I really recommend it if you need to increase mileage safely.

Right, think that’ll do for now, I’ll post a little about my Vitality weekend later, I’ve planned a 8-mile training run tonight from work to Waterloo so we’ll see if I still how I feel when I get home!