Well, it has been a pretty interesting week!

To be honest, I’ve had to hold my fingers from typing this as I’ve hit a personal milestone I’ve been trying to get over for months.

Monday morning started with a run-commute into work from Waterloo, a steady 3.5 miles, started off really well got the legs pumping and working really well. My sprint sessions on the treadmill are really starting to show, knees are coming higher and cadence is picking up.  Anyway that’s just the precursor. Popped into work, picked up my clothes and went off to the gym for a shower and jumped on the scales.

I was rather happy, probably looked a bit weird with a massive grin on my face – I finally got under my mini-goal weight which I’ve been trying to reach for months. When I first moved to London I lost about 20kgs within a few months, but just lately I’ve really struggled to get rid of that last little bit down to below 160kg. Well now 158.8kg  actually.


Had a look back of my weight over the past year and a bit, and to be honest, it’s really scary to see where I was and I can’t help thinking why I didn’t start running sooner. I’ve lost 5 stone since I started running properly in early 2015. [insert hands over eyes emoji here].

It’s certainly helped being able to control my diet more on my own in London and having more time to exercise and go to the gym (some say now obsessed!). Also I’m trying to track all my food using myfitnesspal and really eat as cleanly as possible this past week (including clearing out the fridge last night before holiday).

*Don’t know what happened to Sunday….

Wednesday was long run day with 6.5 miles back to Waterloo, continued with my interval running but got held up with bloody tourists over Tower Bridge and lost a bit of concentration along Embankment which didn’t help. Didn’t have much left in the tanks post Lambeth Bridge but got back to Waterloo in one piece, albeit very hot and sweaty (felt a bit sorry for fellow commuters). #sorrynotsorry


Going to be doing my first Runch today (run-lunch), 4.5 miles from the city to Tower Bridge along to Millennium Bridge back upto St.Pauls and back into Work – hopefully it’s a bit cooler today than Wednesday. This will be my last run for a few days as I’m off to Morocco tomorrow, still unsure whether the Hoka’s will be making the journey with me – currently up in the 40’s over there.

If anyone has any blogs they’d recommend me to follow etc, do let me know!