So, to be honest I haven’t done a great deal since my last blogpost.

I went to Morocco (wouldn’t exactly recommend Marrakech, but I enjoyed my holiday). Managed to do a couple of runs out there only a mile and a half or two and a couple of gym sessions, however I did do loads of swimming – until at one point a guy asked if I’m ever going to stop swimming, it was 6.30 in the evening and the sun was going down quickly.

Anyway, with combined holiday fatigue, a upset tummy, client meetings and generally a tough week I only managed two gyms sessions and a steady-ish 3.5mile run on Friday night. Then on Saturday I planned a 4.5miler but had to cut it short after a sore hip post Friday’s run and then a certain call of nature meant I had to cut in only to 2mile.

Headed back home, did the necessaries ehm, had a shower then headed out to meet my friend at Olympia for a show, had a lovely time before heading back to Wimbledon Village for lunch.

However, that’s where the issue began. Felt a bit of a twinge in my achilles whilst doing a spot of shopping in the village, thought I could of walked if off but it got progressively worse. Said our goodbyes a little earlier than planned and headed home (after buying a baby watermelon as I’d seen some nice recipes online for frozen watermelon lollies).

Soon as I got in, iced up, kept it elevated and hoped for the best, unfortunately no better Sunday, so kept up the RICE and took some ibuprofen.

Just been to see a physio (very impressed as only phoned them at 10am). Did a few exercises and had ultrasound therapy which seems to have helped a lot. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery as I’ve got the Great Newham Run on 17th July and I really cannot afford to lose another week or two of training especially now less than three months until the Great North and I am only upto 8.5miles.