Guys just a little update. 

I’m still not running, on the advice of my physio. Fortunately I can still go to the gym and I can cross-train and cycle otherwise I would be going mad.

Good news is that I am now walking pain free thanks to the stretches and exercises Jose has given me to do & I’m starting to think I’ll be back training next week (just in time for Great Newham 10k). 

Anyway, in the past week or two (not training) I’ve had to find some things to keep me occupied and one of those is reading a book by Lizzy Hawker.

I I was reading it on the train this morning and something really called to me. The line from the book was “once I’ve decided to do something I will see it through to the bitter end”. If you speak to anybody that knows me well, particularly my mother, they’ll tell you that I am particularly stubborn once I get an idea I will just do it no matter what. And I think that has something to do with my running career so far, I never really planned to be a runner, but once I started training and getting better and it came to me that I could start racing in 5K’s and 10K’s I did it without too much thought or consideration of the challenge. Reading the book has made me believe that ordinary people (like me) can do incredible things and achieve incredible feats, thinking of two friends who I’d consider ‘normal people’ who’ve won races recently (10k and Half Marathon). 

I found the book thoroughly inspiring particularly whilst I’ve not been able to train, it’s given me extra enthusiasm to keep training and to keep fighting to get better at running and see where I can go with things – winning races, representing my country?, wild dreams at the moment. 

Anyway, I would throughly recommend it as a lovely and inspiring story (only half way through at the moment). 

What else to do while injured – plan my races for 2017 of course, the year of the half marathon for me. I’m waiting till after the Great North before signing up for any more HM’s but I can almost guarantee that I will – I’m that stubborn.

Feel free to give me any hints on filling in gaps, recommendations for any other races or how I can get to Brighton for a 8.30 race on a Sunday morning!!

It’s my 1-year anniversary since my first 10k on Sunday, I’ll maybe blog some of my changes and progress 1 year on!!

Happy running everyone!