So a year goes quickly!!

Trying to think back over the little things that I’ve done this year and my mind pretty much goes blank! However, one thing does stick in my mind and that is my first 10k – I guess the first time I ever really though of myself as a runner (albeit loosely).

This weekend is the British10k, and seeing all the photos and happy faces on Twitter kind of wished that I’d gone and done it again today. I can’t believe that it was a year ago, dad came down to London with me, went for our own little pasta party in the west end, quick course walk and I actually had rather a decent nights sleep. Following morning I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous, especially with having the month off running prior due to a back injury. That morning I said goodbyes to dad and we planned where he’d be on course to see me. Long walk to the start with isotonic drink in hand and to be honest feeling completely out of place with all these other, what felt like, proper runners. 

I think I walked most of it and kept my head down. Target was to get around in under 1h45m, based on recent training runs – crossed the line in 1h42 with a deshrevelled looking dad who’d started to worry where I was, not realising the clock saying 2hrs plus was the gun time. Picked up my medal, quick change of clothes, banana and a bar then short walk back to the hotel to phone mum and give her the good news. 
Well, this Sunday is another 10k, the Great Newham Run at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which both dad and I are doing together. It’s the opportunity to run around the Olympic stadium from 2012 that drew us to this race. Now almost undoubtedly I will be nervous, but what about? I know I can run 10k no problem, I’m not targeting a PB, will be happy with sub 1h30, think the idea is to enjoy the run and have a nice father-son day out (mum is staying at home having a rest). Hoping to see a few Twitter friends on the day too, I’ll post my kit on Twitter before hand so you can spot me.

Now, in my last blog I said I wasn’t signing up for another half marathon until I see how Great North goes, well it was 3am and I was tired and hungry – I’m going to be doing the Royal Parks Half on 9th October. I’ll be running for a charity -Bone  Cancer Research Trust #TeamBones. They had a great idea, you pay the entrance fee (£40) and you’re not committed to raise a certain amount, just as much as you can. I think it’s a great idea and hopefully they’ll raise tons of money for a worthy charity – once my just giving page is done properly I of course will share! If you didn’t get in through the ballot this could be your chance.