So last night was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, there was over 100 of us from work, though we had our little mini team of 6.

Now for those that know me well, I am very chilled (though increasingly being tested a lot at the moment) and I hate being late. We all left from work together, later than I suggested but nevertheless I didn’t want to run off on my own. We got to Battersea Park (after confusion at Waterloo)  just as the first wave were setting off – not good for stress and energy levels.

Bag dropped, selfies taken and loo stop – not necessarily in that order! We got to our start and we actually had plenty of time, albeit being right at the back which disconcerted me a little as I’m used to being middle of the pack.

As we crossed the line, I let the others go forward and I must have been one of the last half dozen people to cross the start gantry. Normally i wouldn’t like this but I quite enjoyed it as i passed what felt like hundreds of people who were walking from the start, not much weaving required as the path was nice and wide.

Now, as per my question during UkRunChat hour on Wednesday, I’ve really struggled with pacing lately – Great Newham first mile in 13mins (almost my 1 mile PB) and training run on Tuesday where I felt great – my first mile was 12.25 (actually a new mile PB by 20seconds).

It’s really frustrating that I feel good, and i want to go, but it goes to ruin the rest of the run. I wasn’t (totally) bothered about time last night, wanted to practise my pacing (aiming for avg of 14min/mile – should be well within my reach). During UkRunChat hour it was suggested to put alerts on my Garmin (Forerunner 225) if i went above a certain pace. I set this up for 13.45m/m, but found it really annoying. My running pace is about 12.30/13 min-mile but i tend to do run/walk and my walk is 15/16min-mile. I would’ve preferred it if my Garmin alerted me on my Avg Pace, not spot pace, so it ended going off all the time.

I ran through the first km slower than I would’ve liked (avg pace 14.25) and took a 30 second walk before going again and running up to the mile mark. My hip was giving me a bit of grief which made it uncomfortable but i persevered hoping it will go away. It does, or at least it easies as I go through 2k.

I run/walk the rest up to halfway, run to marker (random tree, pagoda, lamp post) then 30secs walk. and pace is dropping away from my target – only thought being that I might be able to run a negative splits and pick it up in the second half. As it turns out, i don’t, i keep running and running well but i struggle to pick up my pace, running pace is in low 14’s.

You run tantalisingly close to the finish, but then do a loop of a large field and heading back, always find that agonising – both running on grass and being close to the finish, then running away. Once round the big field the finish comes up quickly (thank goodness) and a couple of colleagues are waiting for me as they haven’t long crossed the line themselves.


Then it’s grab water, banana and t-shirt (NO BLING :-O ) and make our way back to the event village (while taking more selfies along the way). I grab my bag from the bag drop (not greatly organised) and we stand around for 15mins chatting and i am rather quiet, not completely satisfied with my run. its then time to head off home via a Uber.

So, as always, i spend the rest of the evening and ride home thinking where I went wrong and what I could’ve done differently.  I have a feeling (and confirmed by twitter) I’ve been overtraining, especially so soon after injury. I did 3.5mile last Thursday, 10k Sunday, 4.5mile Tuesday and speed session on the treadmill Wednesday. I’m tired just reading it.

Funnily enough, i know i shouldn’t be too hard on myself – I read this in Lizzy Hawket’s book ‘Runner’ this week. I guess it just goes to show whether you’re an Olympic athlete, club runners or you just keep the cone collectors company we probably shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and just be glad that we can run and we can get better!

 I am taking today off (sore hip and creaky foot) from gym and running, maybe a steady parkrun tomorrow or join local running club on Sunday.