Let me be honest, the past month or two have been tough, both physically and mentally.

I’ve felt a bit sorry for friends and colleagues and parents over the past week – I haven’t exactly been chirpy & the Mr. Grumpy mug also came back out of the drawer.

My Achilles went on me at the end of June, I had a week and a half of good running and racing then it’s gone again. I managed 2.5mile club run last week and it’s painful again this week.

I had been aiming for this week (today actually for the UkRunChat drinks) to be fit and starting off with a couple of 5k’s to get me back into it before 10miler end of August in prep for Great North Run.

It’s now 4 and a half weeks until race-day, I’ve got a long run of 8.5 miles in the bag, albeit very slow and a bit uncomfortable. I was hoping to put more runs in of a similar distance to improve, but injury has prevented that from happening.

Seeing as I am not pain-free right now, I am struggling to see how I can fit in any time of running (granted probably not getting to 10miles), plus a taper before the big day.

The question is, do I DNS or do I take a few weeks off completely (even from cycling & x-training), get pain free on the Achilles and then do it slow and steady, probably mostly walking with the intention of just getting around – thinking I have 8.5 miles in from early June I might be able to walk the extra 5.5?

I would be mega disappointed to DNS, I’ve been training over 6 months just for this event in mind. Although, I will call it quits if I have any hint of pain on the week leading up to it, it’s not worth it with Royal Parks coming up in October. Basically, I don’t want to risk further injury. I’ve also got the thought of paying out for a hotel that won’t be used and I think Dad would be rather disappointed too – it would be my first half – although he might take my number and run instead.


Right, over to you lot………give me your thoughts!