Right then, time to finally admit it – #GNR2016 is not happening. If you’ve noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately – not been ignoring tweets & DM’s honest – I’ve been quite ill the past few days & even a trip to A&E today. I had Gastroenteritis (sickness & diarrhoea & it’s really knocked the wind out of my sails, I am sad to say. 

Obviously God was trying to send me a message with my dodgy Achilles but I was just far too stubborn (pfft….me stubborn?) to listen . Of course I’m disappointed, but at the moment I’m struggling to move 13yards never mind 13miles. So my feeling is that’s for the best & I’ll come back fitter & stronger (and quicker ehm) next year! 

Special Good luck to all who are running it and those who have shared support & I hope you all have an awesome time! It’s not going to be easy to get up and watch but I’m sure as hell I will! 
I’ll be ringing Travelodge tomorrow see if I can recoup some of the money from my swanky pad in Sunderland next to a weatherspoons!

I still have Royal Parks on the calendar for October – gives me more time to recover in terms of tummy bug & Achilles & get some proper treatment!

For now it’s a case of recover & run when I can & just enjoy running for what it is!