Me, at a Social Running event? Nah, everyone will be far too fast, I’ll be at the back and it’ll be really embarrassing. hmmmm….nope!

So last night was the launch of the Running Heroes ( #mymilematters  campaign.

The idea behind #mymilematters is to get people out running and help some great charities. It’s a very simple challenge, run 1 mile, once a week, for 6 weeks, simples!

I had planned to run down but dodgy ankle and Achilles made it into a power walk instead. Once I was heading in the right direction I hung around outside to scope out the competition, gulp!

Bags dropped inside the BrandNation office and we all gathered outside chatting away and I happened to spot a friendly face – Melissa (@moosenshoes).

Carried on nattering for a bit and we were organised into a fashion of sorts for some pics – big smiles and waving arms etc etc before moving into the square and having some more pics of us jumping and running at the man with the fancy camera.

I like to think I know London well, but not so much the Southwark/London Bridge area so was happy the pace was steady-ish to start. Melissa was so kind to run along with me and we chatted our way around the mile course (as much as I could chat trying to keep up with her :-)).

There was a bit of a sprint with a big smile for the finish outside the office again and we were greeted to a table with lots of post run drinks – water, orange juice, beer, Prosecco….yep you read it right!

We gathered our breath and do what runners do best – kept on chatting! I met a really nice chap called Quentin who left his job to do what he loves and join Running Heroes. He used to work in the same industry as me too so it was nice to chat about that. We also met the lovely Rhia who we found out was a multiple marathon runner, Disney fan and wrestler, how often do you get to meet a real life wrestler?.

It was getting on a bit people were starting to disperse and Rhia both headed back to London Bridge together and then went our separate ways.

Overall it was a really fun evening and will certainly get me out to more Social run events and clubs (any suggestions welcome – bagel run is one that sounds fun, but very early start!).

Please take a look at the Running Heroes site and sign up for their great scheme where you get free stuff and discounts for doing the thing we love – Running!

Also check out #mymilematters, perfect if you’re already out there running or motivation to get you out if you’re not, plus an awesome opportunity to really help a charity – what have you got to lose?


Speaking of Charity – I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of Bone Cancer Research Trust, you can find my JustGiving page here: