Now I’m sure that you’ve already heard of these guys, especially if you’re on Twitter and follow the UkSportsChat group

I recently signed up for the scheme via Health Insurance and today they invited me to become an ambassador for them.

Why did I sign up?

Simple for me: I am already going to the gym, running, swimming, cycling etc so getting the points should be easy peasy so why not get rewarded for it. Since signing up though I’ve found I am literally going the extra mile to get my points – I not longer get the bus on those cold autumnal mornings and am willing to spend a bit extra on the dreadmill.

The other thing is that they have such a great community on Twitter and are really engaging with their customers and anyone else, the fitness rewards team really are a credit to the running/fitness community.

The benefits

Now it’ll take me all day long to list out every single benefit you get with the policy, but don’t forget you also get Life/Health Insurance of course.

So these are the reasons I took out a policy:

50% off Virgin Active membership – I already go to Virgin gyms in the city and already had a corporate membership, but even with that I am still saving money as my monthly payment is now £99 down from £124 a month.

Also, every time you go to the gym, you earn points, 5 to be exact.

Garmin – this one is pretty incredible, I won’t go into too much detail but see below examples of what you can get.








Evans Cycles – this is one I didn’t actually know about and I was lucky enough that I was in the market for my first bike at the time. You get basically 50% off a brand spanking new bike from Evans!!
You get it in the form of cash back, 4 payments over the year and the process is really simple compared to other cash back schemes for mobile phones etc – you just email them with your receipt and you’ll get an email back in a day or two with confirmation.

Starbucks – I LOVE COFFEE!!! Get 9 points in a week (60min cycle/2 visits to the gym) and bingo, coffee!

Cinema – now I’ll be honest I haven’t been to the cinema in years (last time was Les Miserables😍😭 2012???). Another nice easy one, 9 points and you get rewarded a cinema ticket to either Vue or Cineworld – I’ve been three times in the last three weeks!
And of course there are TONS more good stuff including Champneys, Weight Watchers,  and discounts on Eurostar and British Airways

How Easy is it to get Points?

Really simple, a few examples below. However there are ways to boost your points, for example a Online Health review gets you 100pts, Non-smoker declaration – 100pts and a Vitality Healthcheck can bag you up to 780 and more.

The way I get most of my points are below:

Cycling – 60min = 10pts

Running – 30min = 5pts

Walking/Steps –  7500=3pts, 10,000=5pts, 12,500=10pts

Gym (Virgin Only) – 5pts

If you are interested in knowing more, want more info on how the scheme works then feel free to tweet me  (@CarlWDudley on Twitter) or you can check out my personal link to Fitness Rewards: