Well, I’ve not done it myself for a few weeks but I do enjoy a good runch (Run-Lunch) every now and again when time permits!

But the reason for this is that this week, I realised that not moved from my desk for more than 10minutes between 8am and 5pm – and that’s not good!

I’m lucky, work is quite flexible & I have a gym just around the corner from the office to store my stuff & shower afterwards. And with the gym being there I can go to the gym at lunch too.

So, do you?, if so where do you go – are you a city dweller or country bumpkin?

If not, why not? And what would get you to make the change to the once a week run at lunch?

Would a group to run with help? – Maybe somewhere to shower & change or is work just that bit too demanding? 

So, you may only have 30mins or it’s a bit of a challenge to get changed and showering in an hour, but what could you do? Have a walk to the next nearest Starbucks (probably only an extra few strides away, granted). In Birmingham I used to walk along the canal or walk to the new library or I even used to go out on a photography class at lunch!

Research has proven that healthier staff are happier staff & less likely to have sick days – so there’s something in it for your employer to let you have that extra 15mins at lunch – try it!!

This is a route I did a little while ago & really enjoyed taking in the sights (& smells) of London! 

Let me know your thoughts – I have ideas!