For those of you that have been following me on twitter and my blog will know what I’ve suffered badly with my Achilles since June/July. I went to see a physio who couldn’t sort me out, so I went off to see a sports doctor and I saw some progress, then after three weeks of Shockwave Therapy she suggested I get a gait analysis done – something I have never done before.

So I was quite excited to have this done and really see what was going on and causing the reoccurring Achilles pain.

I got to the specialist clinic recommended by my Sports Doctor and as soon as I got there my movement in my hips and ankles were assessed and jumped on the treadmill for 2mins. He had a quick look at the video and took me into a room to say I needed super-ultra fancy carbon insoles and it’d be £400 for the pleasure including three appointment/fittings & it would take 3 weeks to get them done.

Well, once I’d got up off the floor, it was safe to say I didn’t fancy that. I’d been talking to Profeet on twitter that week and I’d also had running friends go there before and were highly recommended. I gave them a call and they explained the process and prices to me over the phone, so there were no surprises and I already felt confident I was in the right hands with Profeet.

Thursday came and I was a bit excited to be honest, I’d been paired with the lovely Anna to take care of my feet. Anna got to work, pulling my foot in all directions while I was sat in a really comfy Rolls-Royce style chair that I could quite happily have had a nap in.

Anna identified my hypermobility, which has been spotted many times before and got me doing squats (showing that my knees come in towards each other), and doing heal lifts and lots of other fancy things to help Anna diagnose what was going on.

Then it was onto the treadmill – barefoot. I hate running barefoot – I’ve got hard skin that needs taking off, so it’s a bit painful. But on the treadmill once I got going I was fine. Before long, I jumped off and we went through my running motion, frame-by-frame for a good while. analysing every detail.

Couple of things that were noticed: my knees bend inwards, I drop my hip on both sides, right foot turns outwards, I push off on the ball of my foot and all that is causing excess pressure on my Achilles.

Next up was quite a fancy piece of kit – I had to run up and down the shop (on what is similar to athletic track flooring) and planting one foot each time over this plate that created an overview of my foot. This created a fancy picture of my foot and you can see how I am following through my foot and what my balance is like.

Anna went through with me that my balance is a bit squiffy and I’m not transitioning through the foot via the right lines and leaning on the ball/big toe to push off which is causing the hard skin.

Next, I got my feet measured (one size 12.5 and the other 12) so went with the 13’s insoles. This meant standing up, sitting down and standing up again on these warm gel pads to get the shape of your foot, then again but with the oven cooked insoles so they moulded to your foot.

Anna then asked politely if she could take my shoes away (obviously learnt her lesson from stealing other runners shoes!). I had a nice chat with Emma on the desk about what events we had coming up and how we both struggled to keep up when hosting UkRunChat hour. Also had a look around the store at the mega athletes they’ve worked with and felt a bit overwhelmed they my feet were getting the same treatment as Saracen Rugby players, tennis players, marathon runner, Olympic athletes and ultra runners.

After not too long my shoes came back with the insoles perfectly fitted inside and I got to have a little go on them on the treadmill. They felt strange at first, I wore them on the journey home and told that they’d be like that until they’ve squashed down a bit and bedded in.

Took them for our first proper test drive last night and before long, I couldn’t feel them at all. I was doing a 30min Sprint Session & tried to look to see what was happening with my foot but it’s really hard to tell. They feel great and I can’t wait to get out and about in them. Hopefully this means with a bit of extra strength training on the hips – which Anna gave me the stretches for, I can hope for a relatively injury free season next year.

I can’t thank the guys at Profeet enough, they made me feel really welcome, did a great job and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again – especially for their 3D analysis which looks really cool – love my stats!!

*For the record, I have not been asked by Profeet to write this, I didn’t get any discounts (you can happily see my receipt) and I am not an ambassador for them (unless you’re offering!! 🙂 ) I just think that it’s so important to look after our feet as runners and when you get good service and professionals looking after you, you should all get to know about it! Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get.