Time for a change!!

Over the next day or two, I will be changing all of my social media links and sites from the variety of whatever they’re called now (@CarlWDudley on Twitter, RunnerCarl7 on IG, RunnerCarl on WordPress) to one name across all platforms and hopefully memorable name that pretty much fits me:

I hereth launch BigCarlRunning!.

Why? Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my buddy Dave Cornthwaite (Dave Corn to most as he says American’s can’t spell his name) on his houseboat in Limehouse. We were discussing Social Media and essentially how to make a living from your passion(s) – of course for me that was running, now the likelihood of me earning money from winning races is pretty much zero, so how else can I live my passion?.  

And by the way you have to check out Dave’s website and all the crazy-awesome stuff he gets up to- http://www.davecorn.com/
Now I’ve been contemplating changing the name for a little while seeing as I’m doing Cycling, Swimming and a couple of Tri’s this year, but just couldn’t quite get something I liked and suited me.

Whilst we were chatting away, Dave asked me two things:

– In terms of name, what do you feel comfortable calling yourself?

A runner!

– What’s your story?, what makes you different?

Well, there is something, something that actually most of you don’t know, unless you’re a family member or a close friend, I was hesitant about even telling Dave  this (no I’ve not been in prison, or anything like that) but I did and he said that I have a great platform for motivating others and sharing my story to people who would never think of running and effectively saying that if I can do it – so can you.

I came out thinking I knew exactly what I needed to do and where the nearest loo was because we’d been chatting for almost 3 and a half hours and I was busting!!!

But I genuinely enjoy talking to Dave, he’s such a knowledgeable to cool bloke. We’ve exchanged a few emails since and we’re all go – I’m really excited about the new blog and the opportunities I have to inspire & motivate others.

I’ve also given the blog a makeover and got my own domain (http://www.BigCarlRunning.com) it looks really good – you can see a little gallery of pretty much my face (it really is), my race calendar (ok, ever growing race calendar), and a few other bits and bobs! I might get a proper site done in the future but this does everything it needs to for now.

 I’m also on the lookout for people who’ve lost weight through running (big or small) to share their stories on my blog too.
Have a look around, get comfy and let me know what you think!