As the song goes here are a few of my favourite things… 

I haven’t done a product review on here before so I thought I’d start now, but which pair to choose – I mean it’s like choosing your favourite child…..although admit it, you’ve all got one.

Shoes – ROAD

Saucony Hurricane ISO

For me, this is my favourite child – fairly new, springy, bouncy and full of support – sounds like an ad campaign for a sports bra rather than shoes, to gif or not to gif?….

I wanted a new pair of runners, I’ve already got one pair of Saucony and I like them, these were fairly cheap from Sports Shoes so I thought why not give them a go.

The first time I wore these I fell in love with them, they’ve got an awesome bounce to them, the padding around the heel/ankle is perfect, just the right amount.

I don’t feel my heel slippage and my foot is really tucked in quite nicely.Saucony have their ISOFIT design where the upper hugs the heel and mid and creates a really distinctive design.  They’re really lightweight too, not Hoka lightweight but I find the Hoka uppers are really thin.

The cushioning on the sole is good, not extreme like the Hoka Clifton but good so you don’t feel every pebble and stone but also you can feel the road under you.

Plus, they also look pretty cool too, I love the range of colours that Saucony do, plus they do nice big sizes and I find a size 14 perfect for me.

The only downside to these – I can’t get the laces right, they’re a elastic type lace and I either find I tie them too tight or too loose. I ended up retying them 3 times before the start line.

In all – I’ll be buying this shoe again and again.


HokaOneOne Clifton

My first ‘proper’ running shoe. At Bourne Sports where Dad and I used to run from on Saturday morning a few of the runners had these weird looking shoes, but also really recommended them.

I gave them a go and they felt a bit weird at first, particularly the height and the lack of feel on the road. However, once I got used to them, I loved them – the cushioning on the sole was perfect


Shoes – TRAIL

Salomon Speedcross 4

Bit of a confession here, I bought these for my bike. So riding I’d found my feet slipping off the pedals so with a change to grippier pedals and I was recommended to try trail shoes if I didn’t want to ‘clip in’. I got them a real bargain from Sports Shoes & I don’t lots of my running shoes from here as they have some great offers.

Well Parkrun came round and Wimbledon Common Parkrun is a mudfest on any week it rains so I thought I’d give them a run out – instant love!!!

They’re so grippy in the really thick, heavy mud on the Common they gave me so much confidence going through the mud that I was actually running through instead of tip-toeing around.

Why are they so good – what it does, it does well and simply! The sole has a system called Contragrip rubber, essentially a rubber sole with chevrons perfectly places and all the way from the toe all the way to the heal.

The Quicklock system – it does what it says on the tin, it locks your foot in place and even in the thickest mud, my foot has not tried to escape once. There’s also a little pocket on the tongue to place the locking system, it keeps it out of the way when you’re running, so no chance of tripping and it also keeps it nicely away from all the mud so it’s nice and easy to open and slip out your foot afterwards.

The upper is pretty tough mesh, it keeps the mud out, but also water, running through puddles isn’t a problem, i’ve never come away from a run with soaking wet socks. It’s also tough enough for a good clean. I don’t put my shoes in the washing machine, but i do give them a really good scrub with a tough brush and scraper for the tough mud – it’s still perfect fine and shows no sign of wear.

Even though it’s proper tough it’s pretty lightweight too – certainly lighter than my Hoka RapaNui and you barely know you’re wearing them.

Initially I did struggle to wear them in, I had a few issues with them being too tight over the toe box and a few aches under my arches – but i’ve widened the laces and since i’ve worn them a few times, they feel great and really comfortable and sturdy.

Look forward to heading out in these again soon.



I am really picky about my socks. I start by buying cheap ones but since i’ve bought proper running socks i’ve really felt the difference.


Probably my favourites – I got these from Stance for a competition they wanted to run before christmas and they gave me a pair of size 13’s for myself.

They’re so comfy, not too thick but not too thin either, they also come up quite high on my  ankles which i like a lot – they also look pretty cool too right?



I was a bit of a plonker, planned a run commute home from work, only i forgot to pack any socks. So I wander down to Asics in Canary Wharf and low and behold they’d got a 3 for 2 offer on.

These are super comfy and they look pretty too – i love the blue/yellow ones the most.



Until fairly recently I used to just use Canterbury base layer shorts and leggings and they were ok, but with using them for running and swimming they got a bit tatty and old.

I had an email from Brighton Marathon who are sponsored by 2XU to say they had an offer on – and what an offer!

I got two pairs of their compression shorts and one pair of their leggings for £55. (I know!!)

I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and I love them. They’re super comfy, just tight enough to be compression but not enough to cut off bloody supply like some.

From the 2XU website.

2XU Compression Shorts are engineered for activities requiring support to the major upper leg muscles ‘s reducing vibration, improving alignment and protecting against damage and fatigue. A popular piece for exercise, ball sports, training and competition. Can be worn on their own or as a base layer.

  • Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced long-term overuse injuries
  • Greater power output
  • Heightened proprioception – awareness of limb placement for agility


Did well saying I took this in the mirror……ehm

You’ll never see me without a Buff nowadays. I have a couple of Headhogs from Up&Running & favourite Red Squirrel Run one that comes with me on every race!

You can pick one up here –

They’re so useful, i wear them around my neck, round my head, even around the wrist to cover up my watch!


This is really cool. These guys do a range of garment carriers perfect for run-commuting which is what I do 80% of the time.

Mine is a simple box type that fits into another bag – usually my Osprey Talon 33. It fits all my clothes in really neatly and then all of my running gear once I’m showered and changed. You also get a nice little guide on how to fold your clothes if your mother didn’t teach you.

My only wish was that i’d bought the one with straps so i could wear it as a backpack itself.

You can check these guys out here –


What is your favourite piece of kit?

Favourite shoes that you buy pairs and pairs of?