Just a little one to spread the word of Castle Triathlon’s Pop up City Triathlon that I’ve just got back from.

Racecheck popped a tweet out the other week asking if people (well, visorclub), would be interested in taking part in a Pop up Triathlon – being the person I am, knowing pretty much nothing about it, I said yes!.

A day later I was in the team – oh heck! Along with Hayley (@HaylesD) and Lil (@BlondeLilmo) and I got in quick to secure the run – the one element I was fairly sure I could do without disgracing myself too badly – unless I fell flat on my face and went zooming off the end of the treadmill heading towards the O2 arena. Lil would take on the Bike and Hayley (god bless her we didn’t actually give her any choice) would do the Swim – although I think Hayley was the best one of us for the swim as she’s doing an Ironman 70.3!!

The format was simple (once I’d looked it up to see what I was getting in to):

  • Swim: 3 minutes
  • Bike: 4 minutes
  • Run: 3 minutes

Sounds simple in principal. We would all go individually and tag each team mate to start their discipline.

The Endless Pool (not Hayley or Paul)                          (c) Castle Triathlon Series

The nice thing for me is that the event was happening right outside my office – literally 10 yards away from the front door. I took the opportunity on the Monday to go and scope out the setup, the kinds of bike/treadmill they were using and check out the competition too. Monday at lunch I went to the gym and the order of the day was Treadmill Intervals – perfect. Well almost, with the system setup you couldn’t amend the incline so it stayed flat – not the perfect idea when the run would be on a 3% incline.

Race day came around and I was quite nervous, but was equally looking forward to meeting Lil and Hayley and the rest of Team Racecheck.

Team RaceCheck – aren’t we a pretty lot!

I donned my gear: decided to go with base layer 2XU shorts and no shorts over the top and my Fitness Rewards top as it has my Twitter Handle on the back – shameless I know!


I stepped outside the office and it was freezing, as it often is in Canary Wharf due to the buildings creating one heck of a gust but today was really cold. I met with Team Racecheck and we huddled together in the coffee shop for a bit before doing a little warm up on the spare treadmill as Lil warmed up on the bike and Hayley was getting herself into her wetsuit (very professional us).

Team #1 were up first and we watched with some amazement as Paul smashed the swim out being the only person so far not to have to revert to Breaststroke, we had a little giggle at Hayley’s face watching Paul with a mix of shock and horror. Next up was Alex who appeared to be taking the bike really easily but really was such a natural cyclist he made it look so simple and bashed out one of the longest distances on the bike so far. Gill was up on the treadmill and made running look so easy, the commentator said she was up to 10kmh and I couldn’t believe how easy she was striding – I was a bit nervous now.

Time for Team #2 to take to the stage. Hayley was already in the endless pool and doing a nice warm-up as Lil and I tentatively took our jackets off and stepped onto the stage.




Hayley doing her warm-up (how cool is that)

Hayley was off, looking effortless in the tiny 10ft pool, she smashed 208metres in just 3 minutes managing to do front-crawl for the whole time. She jumped out of the pool and tagged Lil to get going on the Bike. Lil pushed like crazy and you can see how hard she was pushing with gritted teeth – she also had the longest element to do.



Next it my time to shine – let’s do this! The treadmill was set to 3% incline and it felt like a mountain already – I’d had the treadmill flat yesterday so my plan went out the window.

For the first minute and a half I half chatted with the commentator saying that I’d done the right thing starting off steady (this is steady?!?!) because the other competitors had all set off too quick and tired at the end. I pretty much watched the clock the whole time and it felt like I’d been on there an eternity by a minute ticked over. I wanted to tick the speed up but this felt fast enough right now. I decided to stop fixating on the clock and lifted my head up and just went for it. The commentator was counting me down and in the last 30seconds I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and waited for her to say it was done – before getting very close to the back of the treadmill at the end while the thing was slowing down.



Oh gosh, thank goodness that’s over! Give me a Half-Marathon to do any day. 3minutes on a treadmill, bike or pool doesn’t sound like much, but it’s all about perceived effort and all three of us gave it absolutely everything.


Team #2

I loved the experience – never ran on a stage in front of people shouting my name before – it was quite an experience in itself. I loved being part of Team RaceCheck and even though we might not have won, we gave it our best shot, had a rocking time and came away with a nice goody bag of bits and bobs.


The guys from Castle Triathlon Series are here all week and they still have room for more teams – or even individuals to come and have a go at all three elements, although not recommended – I’d happily do the bike for someone if they wanted!

You can check out their website here: http://www.castletriathlonseries.co.uk/the-series/pop-up-city-triathlon/

I will be reviewing this on RaceCheck (https://www.racecheck.com/) later today and giving it a big 5*’s, I love the idea of it, it’s a Triathlon you and your friends can do in your lunch hour, how perfect is that!!!

Go check them out and get involved!

Special thank you to RaceCheck for organising and offering me a place on your team – I am very honoured and to Katerina for supporting and organising us and all the awesome pics too!


And you’ll spot me wearing my favourite Fitness Rewards tee, here’s my link to get a quote and speak to the guys at FR:  http://www.fitnessrewards.co.uk/a042