Firstly, I don’t mean ever, I mean for the foreseeable future, certainly not for the next year or so.

I’m writing this on the train home so it’s a bit short and sweet & lacking pictures!

Two months ago I was supposed to be doing my first triathlon at Eton Dorney. However a mix of a very early start & inability to get there in time with bike in tow & using Public Transport meant it didn’t (couldn’t) happen.

I remember being stood on my flat balcony watching the RideLondon come past last year & thinking how awesome it was and how much I’d like to do it – one smallish problem, I couldn’t ride a bike. 

Yeah I know. I never learnt as a kid despite having a bike, I had a ‘flying incident’ and the bike was replaced with a rugby ball, because that’s a so much safer sport to play!

So I said I wanted to learn to ride & that would open up Sportives, Triathlons, Ironman & all sorts for me & I didn’t waste much time. By September I had learnt to ride and got my first ‘proper’ bike the day after Royal Parks Half – I did not ride it that day after being in this state post race.

In November it was the American phenomenon that is Black Friday & low and behold tons of events had special offers on, including The London Triathlon – I signed myself up for the Super Sprint. 

I took to the pool a bit more and worked hard going from only being able to do one length breaststroke without stopping to doing 20/30 lengths at a time. I had a real breakthrough when I went swimming with Kaya & Ellie at the Olympic Aquatic Centre, Ellie got me swimming length after length with no pull buoy. 

I was getting the bike out nearly every weekend & was loving it. 
However I did have another ‘flying incdident’ doing laps at the VeloPark and although I got back on a few days later I think it knocked the confidence out of me on the bike & I literally haven’t seen my bike since March I think.

So why I’m not Tri-ing this weekend…

Swim – I haven’t done an open water swim, to be honest not a biggy, it’s only 400m & I know I can swim that, but Wetsuits are compulsory and well, I’m not going to buy one & I’ve got no guarantee that a hire one will fit over my bum & tum! I had one booked in with RG Active but let it slip in a moody moment & went to Parkrun instead. 

Bike – I’ve not been on it since Feb/March, I know they say you never forget but this was the aspect worrying me the most, not the swim. I just don’t have enough confidence on the bike at the moment & I really just haven’t had the time to dig it out at the weekend with concentrating on Marathon training first.

Run – I’m ‘fairly’ sure there shouldn’t be any problems with running 2.5km

I guess the main reason is preparation, I can’t say I haven’t given the sport enough respect as then I’d turn up Saturday and just ‘wing it’ – trust me I was seriously tempted to do so! 

I was hoping to squeeze in an open water swim at Shepperton on Friday evening and then dig the bike out on Saturday but with a back injury I really didn’t feel like I could do either.

Do I want to be a triathlete? When I met Dave Cornthwaite a while ago he asked me what I wanted to be, or what I wanted to be known as – my first thought was a runner. I think that was one moment when something clicked.

My marathon training is now in full swing and that HAS to be my priority right now. There are 10 weeks to go, 3/4 of which will be tapering after Cakeathon. I’m hoping I can avoid any injuries and niggles in the process.

I want to wish Kaya, JK & Jennie & anyone else brace enough all the very best for Saturday & Sunday, I really think you’re brilliant for getting out there & doing it! I’ll hopefully be there to cheer you along & see you in the Fox afterwards for beverages🍻!