Berlin Marathon Top Tips!!

Berlin, I’ve been told what an awesome city it is & how good the marathon it is. However how do us newbies to Berlin know where to go and what to do? I certainly have no idea!

Well I took to twitter to ask for some advice for the trip out to Berlin & what the top tips were for race day.

I’ve also put a couple of my favourite blogs and YouTube videos at the bottom – well worth a read!

Generic Marathon tips

Nothing new on race-day – you should have already chosen your shoes (I’m down to 3 options currently), tried out your socks and vest/camelbak if you’re using one

Know your fuelling strategy and test it out before

Get to the start early – queue for the loo, then queue again

Start slow, slower than you need to or can, A strong finish is better than a strong start

You will hit the wall – be prepared for it, know how to handle it & have some mantras to keep you going

Cut your toenails at least 3 days before the race – give them time to heal just in case of any mishaps.


Join the Breakfast Run, you can start from the Olympic Stadium if you don’t want to run the whole route (6km)” – @Stace_75

Don’t climb up the Victory Column 2 days before the marathon – it’s a leg killer” – @Stace_75

“Expo is great – Loads of free non-alcoholic beer” – @Marathon_Tardis

“Expo is really small and busy, Get a t-shirt early, its like Primark in the sales” – @IanMartin7

“Remember good shoes to walk in because its such an amazing City and a lot of things are within walking distance” – @antontheweenie

“Ask anything at the Expo, they were unbelievably efficient in helping” @TimJones15

Race Day

Vests/Camelbaks are allowed at Berlin as long as the water is under 2ltrs

Headphones can be worn – but you are advised not to/avoid if possible

“if you’re in the back of the starting pens you won’t be going anywhere for a good 40mins” – @stantonkr

“Get there early for the loo, It’s a massive start pen!” – @coll_paul

“Take bog roll for the portaloos and if you miss  out there are loads in the bushes?!?” – @IanMartin7

“My favourite Marathon. Lovely route through the city. Plenty of support. Enjoy the finish up Unter Den Linden and through the Brandenburg Gate. Post-race is amazing, plenty of places to refuel and re-hydrate” – @GraceHough

“The Brandenburg Gate is NOT the finish line” – Susie Chan, plus everyone else I’ve met

“Drinks during race are in cups” – @TimJones15

“Great Support all through, superb at the end running through Brandenburg Gate. Wave at all the cameras to enhance souvenir pic” – @TimJones15

After the race

“Stay behind for the celebrations” – @Ema_JoyC


The best burger I’ve ever eaten was in a former public toilet” (Burgermeister, Oberbaumstrasse 8) – @myblondereality

“Die Berliner Republik for celebrating, Beer & currywurst” – @coll_paul

“Pauliner Beer Hall – there aren’t that many 3000 capacity beer halls in the city” – @chriswholt

“Had the best wienerschnitzel at the top of KADEWE” – @antontheweenie

“EAT ALL THE PRETZELS” – @stantonkr

“I went to Pizza Hut” – @SMillbery

My favourite

“Just be you, remember all the training you’ve done and always remember you’re more than capable” – @Natwes

Favourite Blogs


Race Review: The 42nd BMW Berlin Marathon


The Runner Beans (Charlie)

Really nice YouTube video of the race!

Finally, one thing from me – good luck everyone , enjoy the city, enjoy the race and see you out there!

Happy Running!