I am now starting to discover how important post-race recovery is.
After a mad 6 weeks of 1x10k, 3xhalf marathons and one Full Marathon my body is feeling the effects, especially as I’ve had to take a bit of time off to let niggles sort themselves out.
I need to dig a bit deeper into what I do post-race, but probably more importantly, what I don’t do.
You’ve finished, medal, banana, water, declare never again, and then what…..
My recovery falls into a few categories depending on how long it is post-race
First port of call for me is to have a Recovery Shake – usually in the form of SiS Rego Rapid
Recovery (Strawberry. I have a SiS Shaker that has different sections for powder, tablets
and the main part for mixing. Pre-race I scoop out 50g grams and put it in the container and
then mix it with 500ml water (not milk). It has a nice natural taste, and I can really tell a difference compared to when I didn’t use anything.
Personally my favourite post-race food is a nice burger with everything on, but straight after
the race I usually have a Tribe bar (Goji Berry and Coconut is my go-to)
After finishing Berlin, I spent 15mins on the floor and I was getting cold. I threw on as many
layers as possible and got out of my sweaty clothes. One thing I always wear post-race are
my recovery tights (Skins RY400) and I do really feel like they make a difference, they’re super comfy to wear (once you’ve got them on) and I tend to wear them the following day too.
My favourite part of my post-race kit are my Oofos!
As runners we’re not always that kind to our feet – I know for a fact mine are not pretty
anymore. So when I’m trying to look after myself, I should really be taking
some time to look after my tooties too!
I’d heard a lot about these in the past from other runners waxing lyrical about how good they
are and I thought I’d give them a go myself. They were kind enough to give me a pair to try
at the London Marathon Expo in April and so far I can’t imagine how I ever lived without

Oofos (I say ooh-foss) you can make up your own mind about how you say it, but I also say
super comfy and a race day essential.
Why are they so good?
They’re not ‘just fancy flip flops’ and as soon as you put them on you feel the difference.
They absorb 37% more shock than normal footwear and you really feel it, they have a really
nice fit that hugs your arch and takes pressure off your ankles, knees, hips and back –
exactly what you need after a hard run.
It’s so nice that post-race you can let your feet breathe – also very important too, helping
prevent nasty bugs and infections.

Why I love them
I have the Men’s OOriginal Sport in Yellow, I get on with the ‘thong’ (Australian company so thong is the style) quite well. The part that
goes between your toes is super soft and doesn’t bother me at all.

I’ve had previous ‘thong’
flip flops and they have tended to rub between the toes but these you barely even notice. The strap over the
top of the foot is wide enough for my feet and I do have particularly wide feet. They do have
other types and colours, including a slip on type, however I couldn’t get my wide foot in there
so tried the ‘thong-style’.
They do feel weird at first, they add a good inch onto your height and the squishiness is a bit
odd at first you but you get used to it in no time, also instantly noticeable how good they feel. The first time I wore them in anger was after
the Hackney Half. The event village was a good mile and a half away from the tube station
and I was so happy I had them with me
The support under the arch is a godsend, there is a lot of support there and they’re a really
good fit (I am usually a size 13, but 12’s does me). The super squishy Oofoam also works
well in supporting my Achilles which is usually an issue post-race.
Durability is fantastic, I’ve been wearing these since April and not only after a race, I wear
them around the house, putting the bins out, or when I go for a swim. They are still like new, the
sole shows no sign of wear, they’re still as absorbent as the day I received them and I don’t
see them ever wearing out.
I ended up buying my Dad a pair of the same and he’s completely in love with them as much
as I am, he rarely takes them off according to reports from home and I can’t blame him.
Since I’ve had mine, they’ve brought out some new fancy colours for the ladies range and I
am really excited that they are bringing out a closed-toe shoe too. A ladies version is out at
the moment and Michelle reviewed them recently, I believe the men’s version it hitting the
shops later this year.

Review – OOFOS OOmg low shoe.

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend and I have to say they should be part of everyone’s
essential kit, you really feel the difference wearing them and post-race they’re such a dream and I wonder why I spent so long oo-ing and ahh-ing about them (see what I did there?).
You can buy them directly from Oofos – https://www.oofos.co.uk

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