Yesterday I took part in an event that way completely different, not knowing before I signed up.

I saw a few Insta posts about The Poppy Run happening on Clapham Common and there seemed to be a good crew going, close to home and a good tester for my knee.

After Thursday’s BabyGotTrack with Chasing Light Collective the knee I was feeling fine despite a mile on the track, planks, wheelbarrows (I felt so sorry for Donna who had to carry my tree trunk legs) and dozens and dozens of Squats.

Things felt good so I signed up on Friday morning, bargain £15.

Saturday morning (I love Saturday Races) on the tube and off at Clapham South to….nothing. The pre-race info was a bit sparse and I knew it was Clapham Common but it’s a fair size. I headed towards the Bandstand and found the event village.

There I went to the registration desk and handed a t-shirt, no number, no chip, just a t-shirt. The tee fitted beautifully, something I can’t say about any other race tee, bag dropped under the marquee and it was all rather good.

I had a chat with friends before the Last Post was played and we observed a two minutes silence which was a very nice idea from the organisers.

The course was 2 x 2.5km loops of the Common. The route was good, despite the rain the paths weren’t too muddy and it was mostly on tarmac paths.

The support from the marshals was great, especially coming through to start my second lap.

The knee was holding up ok, there was a couple of twinges but nothing major and I think I can say it was a successful test and I can look forward Chase the Moon on Wednesday.

I was joined over the finish line by Becca, Nix and Sophie and somehow I managed to pick the old legs up and got a good sprint finish on.

I finished just over my target, but the only target I really had was to finish with the knee in good state.

Why am I writing a blog about a 5k? Because there was something so refreshing about it. There was about 300-400 of us maybe, the only way you could tell we were running a race as that we were doing loops of Clapham Common all wearing the same tee. We had no numbers, we didn’t have to worry about chip times, what pen we were in or whether you were going to be first or last – it was a completely different experience and one I really enjoyed – particularly as it was a test run so I could take it as easy as I liked.

Post race I caught up with some friends and then headed out to lunch with some of the ladies for carbs and ice cream

So, for me, I will definitely back to do the Poppy Run again, it’s a fab race and you’re supporting a great cause too.

I’m back to training but I am trying to keep myself from going mad. I’ll go to CLC x G-Shock on Tuesday but not sure if i’ll run, I’ll be at Chase the Moon Thursday for a 5k with gentle encouragement from Katherine – hoping to run non-stop again. Backpackers Thursday, then training is aiming towards the MK Winter Half in December.