Big Lad trying to run as far as he can!

About Me….

Hi, I’m Carl. A Northerner in London with a passion (or obsession) for running and being fit and healthy.

Diagnosed with a Brain Tumour in 1995 and lost a quarter of eyesight from the surgery, I then gained weight through a mixture of poor diet and little exercise until I weighed over 30 stone at the start of 2015. Since then I’ve dropped over 6 and a half stone mostly through running and changing my diet.


I am here to motivate the world to get out running or to just get active in any way they want. This is my story from being 30st to completing a marathon, I love pushing myself as far as I can, then pushing on further. I may never win a race, but the achievement is the finish line not the finish time – plus I get a bit more out of my entry fee if I take longer!

In mid-2015 I decided to make a change after a short exhausting walk because I’d eaten far too much. I started walking 5K’s at my local running store and now a regular at Parkun, a member of a local running club (Wimbledon Windmilers) and successfully shuffled my way to completing a Half Marathon in 2016. 2017 will be my biggest year in terms of running, I have a stocked calendar of races and I will attempt my first Full Marathon in Berlin in September.


Happy Running!!!



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